There are plenty of additional activities available in the South West now, many are curriculum-linked; many are ‘hands-on’ adventure; All are FUN! Any of the below can be added / substituted into our itineraries.

Please ask us for prices, as they can vary depending on the group size. Also, ask for any further information on how we can tailor any of these activities into your camp. (Some timing of activities also relates to group size)

ROCK CLIMBING: – A mobile rock climbing wall that comes to the campsite – students experience teamwork; problem solving and leadership skills with initiative games as well . Great for all ages.(

HIGH ROPES COURSE: . It’s the first of its kind in Australia – a mobile ropes course that will come to our campsite. There are 6 platforms rising 4m high with different challenges between them. The participants are always attached to the safest continuous belay system via a harness. Work through the course to return to the start point. Also participate in some team building and fun initiative games. – Everybody is kept busy!

KAYA CAPE EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a ‘welcome to country’ before a short walk around Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, surrounded on 3 sides by oceans, interpreting the landscape to you through the eyes of an indigeneous custodian. Gather at their ‘private meeting place’ for an interactive experience, artefact interpretation and didgeridoo music session.

LASER TAG: A Mobile laser tag game operating in WA’s South West. Each player is given a phaser which uses infrared (like your TV remote) with integrated sensors, that tag the other team. Great for team building and communication skills. It’s huge fun for all and easily played around our campsite.

SEA KAYAKING: Enjoy the thrill of sea kayaking, relays and team games on the beach at camp.– great fun & educational in a very safe environment. – Conducted by fully qualified & very friendly staff. N.B. – No additional bronze medallion staff needed!

RAFT KIT BUILDING: The aim is simple – build a raft with the available materials & paddle it over a given distance. This activity develops perseverance and creativity. A great team building activity! (Goes great with sea kayaking!) Fully qualified staff.

NGILGI ADVENTURE CAVING: – Adventure caving with the Ancient riverbed Tour! Hard hat & light supplied as you experience caving as the early explorers would have seen it! Off the boardwalk and into the hidden areas of the cave.

XCAPE FUN PARK: A fun experience including trampolining, Wacky Putt Jokes n Pranks, Mine Shaft Maze and unlimited Jungle Mountain. Warmer months can include the NEW Get Wet H20 Waterplay with 4 waterslides and a 1,000ltr tipping bucket!

MEGAFAUNA WORKSHOP: Introducing students to Australia’a prehistoric giant animals. Use actual fossil casts, participate in a ‘bone dig’, and be transported back 50,000 years . Heaps of fun and culminates in a guided tour of the Mammoth Cave that preserved over 10,000 fossil remains.

STAND UP PADDLEBOARD LESSONS: . Learn the art of stand up surfing under fully qualified instructors, rotating the group through SUP and beach activities at our campsite location. – Enquire today.

ST JOHNS FIRST AID: Learn basic first aid or CPR techniques with the fully qualified staff from St Johns. A low cost and potentially life-saving addition to your camp.

KOOMAL DREAMING STUDENT TOUR: Enjoy the sounds of traditional didgeridoo playing, see tool making, and enjoy a cultural experience through the eyes of the Wardandi people who have walked this land for almost 50,000 years.

FOREST ADVENTURES SOUTH WEST: High Ropes course, Archery and team building set among the forest at Ludlow, enquire today!